by Cristal



Apostate started as a rough set of ideas batted back and forth digitally between the members of Cristal. Three sections emerged, each made up of smaller segments. The completed work is one of austere beauty undercut by overwhelming drones and sounds of undetermined origins.
The artwork and song titles give hints to the meaning behind the sound. A dark gateway with carvings from some long lost, or imaginary language is vaguely off kilter and dark. References to religion like "Sutta" and "Muezzin" are matched by the sound of bells and a call to prayer. But then the album title itself and titles like "Betrayals" direct thoughts toward darker emotional realms.

"Cristal's digital album Apostate might be the most disturbing recording you'll hear during the summer of 2012... Apostate carves out a macabre path through multiple dronescapes of varying intensity levels." Textura

"How subtle is too subtle? Because Cristal, a trio containing Bobby Donne of post-rock legends LaBradford, is so subtle. There’s samples so deep in the mix that you’re never quite sure if you’ve heard them or not, and when you try to listen out for them you just miss them… a exercise in soundtracking what could be about to happen rather than what’s actually happening… Climaxes are for chumps." FACT


released July 16, 2012

All sounds and processing: Jimmy Anthony, Gregory Darden and Bobby Donne


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